Video/Media Production and Editing

Precision Video Solutions can help you create memorable videos that will connect with your target audience whether they are friends, family, employees, recruiters or customers.


  • Sports: Capture the drive, passion and fun your athletes experienced this season.  Create a high school sports season video recap to play at your banquet or to gift to graduating seniors.  

  • Recruiting Videos: Have a future college star on your team?  Help get them to the next level by creating a recruiting video to send to college scouts.

  • Advertising: Looking to advertise your business? Video is a great way to tell your story and reach customers.

  • Bios: People want to know who they are working with.  Tell them with a video biography of your self and your employees.

  • Vacations/Home Videos: Preserve and organize your memories of vacations, family events, children growing up and much more via video.  If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a video can do.

Have a video request that isn't listed here?

Custom video packages are available upon request. 

Contact us with your video needs.

Educational Consulting

Are you preparing your students for their future?

The communications/media industry is ever-evolving as technology advances and the world becomes more interconnected.  Television, Journalism, Film, Social Media, Websites... 


Students have more information at their fingertips than entire generations before them.


So how do you stay ahead of the curve?  By letting Precision Video Solutions help you design your program and curriculum.

  • Engage your students.  Teach them something they actually want to learn.

  • Prepare your students for the future.  For jobs that may not even exist yet with real hands on experience.

  • Teach them global communications skills, to connect with people in an ever-shrinking world.

  • Get students comfortable utilizing technology in a respectful and productive manner. 

  • Teach them character building, ethics, responsibility and global citizenship.

  • Foster creativity and self-motivation while encouraging independence.

  • Develop vital life skills such as time management, stress management and teamwork. 

  • Increase school spirit and build a sense of community.

  • Utilize a mass communication system to connect with your school and your community for:

    • News

    • Announcements​

      • Academic​

      • Sports

      • Clubs

    • Scheduling

    • Weather

    • Emergency Broadcasts

      • School Closings

      • Crisis Management