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Chris was my mentor during my high school years, and he still is a great influence on my life. He is a top educator in his field, and as his vision for Mount Olive High School’s Television Production program keeps growing, so does MOTV. Chris is professional, passionate, and hardworking - he is the perfect go-to guy to for your video needs.


Sean Gallagher

5 Stars

My company, Miligistix LLC, hired Chris to produce several short marketing and training videos for us.  His process of exploring the “why” behind your video is something I don’t think many videographers spend enough time on.  He truly digs deep to understand the purpose of your video so that he can craft a solution that meets both your needs and the needs of your customers.

Amanda Veinott

5 Stars

As an Educator, Chris is top notch in his field with an amazing Television Production program at Mt. Olive HS... Through the program, he prepares his students for a multitude of career possibilities, and many enter college light years ahead of others in their chosen area.  Starting Precision Video Solutions was an obvious progression for him and something we're sure he will have huge success with in the industry.

Michelle Castagna Jimenez

5 Stars

Had the pleasure of working alongside Chris for many years. He is the man I turn to for assistance with my curriculum, technical questions, and general advice, even from 3000 miles away. Very knowledgable and the most organized instructor I have ever worked with!

Andy Roberts

5 Stars

I had Chris as an educator for 3 years and have known him for about 7, he's easily one of the best when it comes to teaching about the TV and Production business. Anyone would be lucky to hire him. His editing and camera work skills are some of the best I have ever seen to this date, and he works to ensure that everyone he teaches can get to the same level. Anyone would be lucky to hire him and his company for any video production needs and I highly recommend to anyone, to hire him for your production needs.

Matt McNamara

5 Stars

I have known Chris for about 7 years. He was my TV teacher at Mount Olive High School for 3. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today in my professional career if it weren't for the knowledge he instilled on his students. When it comes to camera work, pre and post-production he knows what he is talking about and always has a clear vision of something incredible. I HIGHLY recommend his services for anyone looking for video production services.

Nicolette Jimenez

5 Stars

Anything that Mr. Praml does is great.  I know you will get quality work, honesty and a good person to work with.

Rosemary Kress

5 Stars

The Mt Olive High School wrestling program has worked with Chris for our end of year video for several years. He comes to multiple matches to take video of the kids, does all the senior interviews and does a great job putting it all together. I would recommend using Precision Video for your video needs.

Debbie Amaty-Camoia

4 Stars

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